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Social Media Mama is committed to not only helping you save hours from social media apps, but to also provide quality, authentic content, that connects your brand to your target audience online.
We are dedicated in promoting online knowledge and awareness of the demands in the ever changing internet technological trends for social media management and coaching.
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Since 2019 we have been helping a number of brands establish themselves online,
through the use of social media and growing their accounts organically.
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Meet the Founder, Owner & Entrepreneur of
Social Media Mama


My life turned around at the end of 2016. With an unstable relationship and heavily pregnant with my first child, I had no idea what the future was holding for me. I have a long list of background experience and education including - Veterinary Nursing, McDonald’s Management, Modelling, Customer Service, Showroom Management, Interior Design, Specialist Kitchen Designer, Retail Management, Business Management and 4 years of working in Telstra and was one of the first in charge of the Telstra Business Brisbane NBN.

I was never ‘truly’ happy in any job and was always jumping from job-to-job to find what I was passionate about. I would always start at the bottom of the ladder and work my way up as far as I could go within the first 6 months. 

My first ‘serious’ business started in 2017, only 3 months after giving birth to my first son. I built that into a highly successful e-commerce store in the baby / kid / parenting niche, working with a few top named influencers and Brand Reps. Using Instagram solely as a digital shopfront and selling my products through that platform, I built the profile organically to over 54,000 followers in 2 years.

In 2019, I ended up selling that business (known as The Mum Life), successfully, to create my newly found passion in Social Media Marketing. I thrive on being a creative person and am always looking for ways to learn more and understand what they call 'algorithms'.

Owning, building and running my previous business, taught me all the fundamentals I needed to make social media marketing a success. I look back on that time as a training investment to what I have created now. Money was lost, money was gained, friendships were made and lost, mistakes (… a lot of them) were also made and I also had wins.

I'm a big believer in everything happens for a reason and if I had never experienced those two years of a roller coaster of ups and downs, I would never have known what I know today. With that being said, to this day, I am still constantly training, researching and trying to learn everything I can about algorithms and how technology and digital marketing is changing our world today.

Social media is always changing and to stand out and be the best, you need to know EVERYTHING!

Self-taught and with extreme passion for the industry, I used my previous contacts and I quickly bonded with new entrepreneurs, influencers, brand reps, new mums, business-mums, business-dads and women in Australian small business. Within the first 3-months, of creating my new found passion, Social Media Mama was born. 

I currently run my own business from my converted garage at home, with 4 staff members. We are a close team and we treat every clients' business as if it were our own with 100% dedication and passion.

During the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, it has seen my business grow from a happy 3 client portfolio to 9 clients in the space of 3 months. I had to quickly learn how to hire and manage staff, get the ideas out of my head on to paper for others to see my vision and the most important one of all, was for me to learn to lessen my control of the business on to another person. I think any growing business owner with staff, would know how hard this is, especially when you have worked so hard to create and build your baby (your reputation), within the industry.
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Long hours, late nights, stress, grey hairs, tears, laughter, opportunities, feeling worthless, are all apart of owning your own successful business. There has been many times where I have just wanted to ‘throw in the towel’, give up, work for someone else - it’s easier, right?! Even my parents (and people around me) told me “maybe you should go back to working for someone else”.
“Yes, it is easier, but it’s not me”. If owning and running your own business was easy, everyone would do it! I enjoy meeting and working with new people, creating new long-lasting friendships and relationships, the freedom I have to watch my son grow and go to events without feeling guilty by asking someone if it was ok.

Yes it is still stressful at times, but I also have good times, just like everyone else. I still make mistakes, I am human. But I control what happens, I control what I learn, what I am passionate about. I stand out for me!
July / August 2021, saw me in hospital and rehab for 7 weeks after a back operation and I still managed and worked on my business while in hospital.

During my stay in hospital rehab, I appeared on Channel 7 Sunrise - Sam Mac's Plugapalooza weather segment. It was one of my greatest achievements by far! And probably the most scariest and heart-racing 5 minutes of my life. It was so exciting and thrilling at the same time, my son watching me on TV and talking to me as if he thought I could hear him, giving Kochie and Sam tips on their Instagram, was something I just never saw myself doing - ever!

2021 also brought me other award opportunities within the industry.
I have been featured in articles written in the Disrupt Magazine, on Yahoo! Finance and the Creatopy blog for International Women's day 2022.

Now, I am privileged to be working with a wide
range of aspiring business owners and
entrepreneurs from all over the world.
We have been nominated for 3 global business
awards in 2021 and received Runner up (Silver)
in the 
2021 Global Business Mother’s Awards
- Rising Star.

“We must learn how to fail first,
in order to be able to succeed.”

Meet our Admin & graphics Assistant
and Google My Business Manager


After working 10 years in the Outsourcing Industry with various employers, I decided to take up freelancing when my son was born. That allowed me to be able to spend more time with him during his most precious years on Earth side.
Being a mum, a wife and an income earner all at the same time is never an easy job!
I love the fast pace, ever-changing industry and the variety of different niches I have already experienced. Each day is different to the next. 
I love helping small business grow. I feel like I am giving back to our Clients’ the time they would normally not have with their family, because they are tied up with unnecessary business tasks.
Throughout my early career, I have mainly supported female entrepreneurs with all types of tasks in digital marketing.
Just by chance, in late 2021, I met Abby from Social Media Mama and we just ‘clicked’ right away. She offered me a full-time position (which I am very grateful for), and the rest is history!
Social media management was one of the tasks I had feared, as I was mostly experienced in content creation, but Abby has taught me to embrace those fears and try and try again. 
Now I have the hang of it, I’m not sure what I was so afraid of! ☺
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“Whatever it is,
the way you tell your story online
can make all the difference.”

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Meet our Social media account manager


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“We must learn how to fail first,
in order to be able to succeed.”

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