Jun 9

Reels to include interactive stickers as well as sound sync and longer clips!

Reels are currently the most popular and fastest-growing format for content creation.
1. 90 & 120 second Reels.
The longer clips are probably the most significant change to Instagram Reels. Users can now create Reels videos that last between 90 and 120 seconds which is an increase from the previous limitation of only 60 seconds.
This being said, doesn't mean you must use the full time limit for Reels. Use what’s best for your audience.
2. Interactive stickers in Reels.
New, interactive sticker tools can help in boosting engagement (polls especially), which are difficult to resist for a lot of users.
3. Audio import for Reels.
This feature allows users to add their own audio directly into the Reels making process. 
5. Sound Sync.
Users who use this option will allow Reels creators to automatically sync their footage to beats of their chosen music track.
5. Templates.
Allow you to easily and quickly build your own reel with the same design and structure as a reel you've seen.

Alongside these innovative changes, Meta is also looking to increase Reels discovery, basically pushing them into more recommended feeds on its apps.

Reels discovery is on the rise, with Instagram pushing them into more recommended feeds on its apps.. Quick, short form videos that are entertaining are here to stay!
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